Please join the Honour Society meetings to find out more information on the planning and volunteer opportunities for the 2020-2021 school year.

Ways that you can volunteer...

Open Positions...

  • Dean of Public Relations- Works with Executive Board and Coordinators to publicize school events via social media, print, and TV. Coordinate photos of all school and Honour Society events and provide to Yearbook committee. Keep families up to date with upcoming events and monitor H.S. social media pages for content.

  • Chair of Recycling- Coordinate all school recycling efforts.

  • Red Ribbon Week Coordinator- Coordinates and runs activities for Red Ribbon Week in the month of October. The ending or beginning should coordinate with the City of Mission Viejo's "Walk Against Drugs." Act as a liason with the City of Mission Viejo Red Ribbon committee.

  • Literature Day Coordinator- Coordinate decorations for Literature Day celebration the end of October.

  • School Beautification Coordinator- Responsible for coordinating volunteers quarterly to help maintain school grounds.

  • Diffendoofer Day Chair- Decorates Honour Hall in preparation for Diffendoofer Day activities.

  • Polar Express Chair- Oversees and coordinates the Polar Express Experience. Including, but not limited to, decorating and coordinating with OPA's administration for classroom schedules.

Please contact Tina for more information on volunteer opportunities.
All volunteers must be fingerprinted and approved by school administration.